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How to Build a Philatelic Exbibit = Sponsored by the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, Inc.

Obock and Djibouti in the Age of Menelik II – An exhibit by John Hollister

Critical Political Events  – James Grayson explores recent issues of Ukraine and the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian War (2022)  -James Grayson – Philatelic support of Ukrainian defense against invasion.



View Paul Schumacher’s exhibit on US 1874a

Hank Appleqgate’s exhibit of the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial.

“Modern Uncut Press Sheets” –Macario  Sarreal

Air turbulence in stamps  — Macario Sarreal

Allenstein  — David Grayson

Belgium – German occupation  — David Grayson

Baden   –David Grayson

Bavaria  – David Grayson

Bergedorf  (annotated)– David Grayson

Bohemia & Moravia   — David Grayson

Bremen    — David Grayson

Brunswick  —   David Grayson

Cameroon   –David Grayson

Cardinal Spellman — Macario Sarreal

Caroline Island  — David Grayson

Carpathia/ Theresienstadt — David Grayson

China; German Offices    — David Grayson

Danzig  — David Grayson

Estonia- German Occupation  –David Grayson

France – German Occupation  — David Grayson

Gambia – Rare and famous postage stamps  — Macario Sarreal

German East Africa  — David Grayson

German New Guinea  — David Grayson

German South West Africa  —  David Grayson


a. Regular issues  1872 – 1932

b. Regular issues 1933 – 1948

c. Semi-postal 1919 – 1938

d. Semi-postal 1939 – 1947

e. Last Nazi issue

f. Air Post

g. Air Post Semi-Postal

h. Military Air Post & Military Parcel Post

i. Newspaper and Franchise

j.  Official

k. Occupation after World War I

l.  Allied Occupation Zone after World War II

m. French Occupation Zone after World War II

Hamburg   —  David Grayson

Hanover  —  David Grayson

Heligoland   —  David Grayson

Ionian Islands  –– David Grayson

Japan – Trains and locomotives  — Macario Sarreal

Kiauchau  — David Grayson

Laibach — David Grayson (German occupation 1944-5)

Latvia — David Grayson (German occupation 1941)

Lithuania — David Grayson (German occupation  1916-1918)

Lubeck — David Grayson (Old German State)

Luxembourg — David Grayson (German occupation 1942-1944)

LZ-129 Hindenburg — Macario Sarreal

Marianas Islands — David Grayson (German colony)

Marshal Islands — David Grayson (German colony)

Mecklenburg — David Grayson

Memel — David Grayson

Montenegro (German occupation 1943-1944)  –– David Grayson

Morocco – German offices –– David Grayson

Mozambique Company  – Paul Schumacher

New Britain (Allied occupation in WW I)  –– David Grayson

North German Postal District –– David Grayson

Philippines UX23  — Macario Sarreal

Poland ; General Government — David Grayson

Prussia –– David Grayson

Romania (German occupation 1917-1918)  — David Grayson

Saar 1920-1934 — David Grayson

Samoa (German colony) –– David Grayson

Schleswig  —  David Grayson

Schleswig-Holstein  — David Grayson

Serbia ; German occupation  1941 – 1943 — David Grayson

Slovakia ; German occupation  — David Grayson

Sudan – Airmails of Sudan — Paul Schumacher

Sudan – Useages of the Provisional Overprints of 1897 — Paul Schumacher

Sudan – Telegraph stamps — Paul Schumacher

Thurn & Taxis  —  David Grayson

Togo (German colony)  — David Grayson

Turkey (German offices)  —  David Grayson

UK-December 8, 1941— Macario Sarreal

Upper Silesia; German plebiscite  —  David Grayson

USA – BC33A Sea Shells  — Macario Sarreal

USA – USS Narwhal  — Macario Sarreal

USA – The First Century of Vice-Presidents — Paul Schumacher

USA – Next in Line – Paul Schumacher

USA – Presidents of the Congress – Paul Schumacher

Wurttemberg  —  David Grayson