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Hank Appleqgate's exhibit of the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial.

"Modern Uncut Press Sheets" --Macario  Sarreal 

Air turbulence in stamps  -- Macario Sarreal

Allenstein  -- David Grayson

Belgium - German occupation  -- David Grayson

Baden   --David Grayson

Bavaria  - David Grayson

Bergedorf  (annotated)-- David Grayson

Bohemia & Moravia   -- David Grayson

Bremen    -- David Grayson

Brunswick  --   David Grayson

Cameroon   --David Grayson

Cardinal Spellman -- Macario Sarreal

Caroline Island  -- David Grayson

Carpathia/ Theresienstadt -- David Grayson

China; German Offices    -- David Grayson

Danzig  -- David Grayson

Estonia- German Occupation  --David Grayson

France - German Occupation  -- David Grayson

Gambia - Rare and famous postage stamps  -- Macario Sarreal

German East Africa  -- David Grayson

German New Guinea  -- David Grayson

German South West Africa  --  David Grayson


a. Regular issues  1872 - 1932

b. Regular issues 1933 - 1948

c. Semi-postal 1919 - 1938

d. Semi-postal 1939 - 1947

e. Last Nazi issue

f. Air Post

g. Air Post Semi-Postal

h. Military Air Post & Military Parcel Post

i. Newspaper and Franchise

j.  Official

k. Occupation after World War I

l.  Allied Occupation Zone after World War II

m. French Occupation Zone after World War II

Hamburg   --  David Grayson

Hanover  --  David Grayson

Heligoland   --  David Grayson

Ionian Islands  -- David Grayson

Japan - Trains and locomotives  -- Macario Sarreal

Kiauchau  -- David Grayson

Laibach -- David Grayson (German occupation 1944-5)

Latvia -- David Grayson (German occupation 1941)

Lithuania -- David Grayson (German occupation  1916-1918)

Lubeck -- David Grayson (Old German State)

LZ-129 Hindenburg -- Macario Sarreal

Mozambique Company  - Paul Schumacher

Philippines UX23  -- Macario Sarreal

Poland ; General Government -- David Grayson

Sudan - Airmails of Sudan -- Paul Schumacher

Sudan - Useages of the Provisional Overprints of 1897 -- Paul Schumacher

Sudan - Telegraph stamps -- Paul Schumacher

UK-December 8, 1941-- Macario Sarreal

USA - BC33A Sea Shells  -- Macario Sarreal

USA - USS Narwhal  -- Macario Sarreal

USA - The First Century of Vice-Presidents -- Paul Schumacher

USA - Next in Line - Paul Schumacher

USA - Presidents of the Congress - Paul Schumacher