Youth Meeting Information

The Merchantville Stamp Club is saddened by the passing of club officer and friend – Hank Applegate. I think a fine way to honor Hank is by showing below the last message received from Hank on Oct 20, 2014, talking about one of his passions – the Outreach Program.

Also view Hank’s exhibit on the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial.

Dave Grayson



Sunday afternoon Mary Sanchez and I worked the Youth Outreach program table at the Pennsauken Library.

We had several children, with one repeat kid at the table, and we were busy from 1pm to 430 pm with almost all the chairs filled (including two adults).  Overall, the three days in my opinion, were well worth the hours spent by myself, Mary, Mac and Rodger.  (over 25 manhours).  I feel that our next Saturday meeting of the kids will be well attended — including a couple of adults.
Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of working with Alex, a 11 year old Downs Syndrome child, who was absolutely a joy.  Alex told me his interest was trains, and we found about 10 stamps with trains as a subject, filling his “stamp album” with train stamps, properly mounted.  We then moved on to ships, then airplanes, sports, and dinosaurs …. Alex was overjoyed in finding many stamps with each topic… he took upon himself to search the bins of both US and foreign material to locate his interest…  I worked with Alex for almost an hour (until closing), and we together filled his “album” with over fifty stamps of various topics.. we talked about each one and I showed Alex how to use hinges properly and place the stamps.
I have never felt so fulfilled in doing anything within this hobby as working with this child.   I want to further our outreach program to include the “special children” such as Alex and will present, as soon as I can, a program to include these kids —
When the time for closing at the Library came, Alex gave me a hug that I will never forget……  I truly hope that he will be back to our regular scheduled Youth meeting next week at the Library…..
This kid made the entire program worth the effort that we have put into it….
I am rambling, but the joy of seeing that smile on this kid — priceless.
Let’s do it.